Currently waiting on new stickers so be aware the sticker that will come with the bottle will be different to the one pictured, as they are trial stickers.  



0.5-1.5 second drying time is the new formula and features eight week hold - Polymethyl methacrylate based adhesive - no cyanoacrylate. 

1-3 seconds is the original formula with slightly longer dry time (perfect for summer!) and features six week hold - Polyacrylate based adhesive - no cyanoacrylate. 

You can find a water based acrylates polymer adhesive here - also formulated without cyanoacrylate. 

For information on polyacrylate based adhesives click here.

This WILL NOT WORK for those who are sensitive to carbon black and have a blanket allergy to acrylates.

No adhesive can guarantee you will not react as every body has the potential to consider different ingredients as histamines.  


Personally, I am exclusively allergic to cyanoacrylate, and this adhesive saved my career.

Being cyanoacrylate sensitive, I am able to work with this adhesive with zero issues, and it is giving my clients the better retention than what they experienced with cyanoacrylate based adhesives. 

Having used this adhesive personally since last christmas I can make a few recommendations: 

Because of the consistency of this adhesive, you require only the tiniest amount to adhere extensions to the natural lashes with this adhesive.  

It grabs instantaniously, but takes a few further seconds to cure.  

Therefore I suggest working from eye to eye, to allow each lash time to cure to ensure no stickies amongst your set. 


This adhesive does not react sensitively to humidity and temperature. 

Whilst it does have recommended humidity and temperature ranges, it works well outside of these also. 


I have worked with it in temperatures in up to 30 degrees celsius in humidity levels of 70%.  

Working with it in temperatures of up to 25 degrees celsius is ideal.




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