Classic Lash Application

This style involves grafting a single extension, typically 0.12-0.20mm in thickness to each of your natural lashes.  

The resulting application is seamless and it looks like your lashes are naturally long, thick, dark with a perfect taper and consistent curl – without mascara. 

This style is ideal for those who want their natural lashes to look naturally incredible – extended, but without people looking at you and thinking – ‘she has extensions on.’ 

Designer Lashes exclusively uses it's own customised Diamond Edition Groove Lashes, Feather Luxe lashes or the ultra soft Splits range to create weightless, feather light, soft to the touch results.  

The required time for the initial application of Classic Lashes is 120 minutes and costs $160.

Hybrid Lash Application

Hybrid styling involves a mixture of the two lash styles.

The combination of Classic and Russian Volume techniques gives both definition and fullness to your lash line.

A custom blend of Designer Lashes exclusive line of Feather Luxe and Ultrasoft split flat lashes are used to thicken your natural lashes, whilst Designer Lashes mega-volume edition lashes are used to multiple your natural lashes and soften the finished look. 

Russian Volume Lash Application

The time set aside for each full set ensures we have ample time to discuss the application process, the desired look you wish to achieve, and go over correct aftercare procedures to ensure you get the best results possible from your lashes. 

We will achieve total coverage of your natural lashes - meaning each lash will be extended with a lash suited to the growth stage it is in, and perfectly isolated to ensure it does not weigh down or hinder the growth rate of the natural lash. 

Each full set includes an aftercare kit including spoolies, cleansing brushes, lash shampoo, and an assortment of beauty goodies.

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A non refundable booking fee of $50 is required to book any full set. 

This is to protect your time that is set aside especially for you, as well as to protect my time which books up quickly, especially around any upcoming holiday.


Required to replace the extensions that grow out with your natural lashes. 

Designer Lashes does not infill work by other Lash Technicians.  

30 Minute infill .....................................  $35.00

50 Minute infill .....................................  $58.00

60 Minute infill .....................................  $70.00

90 Minute infill .....................................  $105.00

Please arrive at your appointment with clean lashes.  

Time spent removing makeup will detract from time spent applying lashes and will result in less lashes applied. 


Orders will be shipped out weekdays via overnight courier.  

Orders after midday may be shipped the following day. 

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