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At Designer Lashes, lashes are absolutely life.

We are so passionate about our art, that we are constantly up skilling, entering (and winning!) local lash competions and bringing in the latest products to enhance our clients retention and make them feel absolutely beautiful.

We are so excited to share all the incredible products we have with you, and love to see what you create with them!


Seeing all the incredible videos our customers have posted of the beautiful work they have created with our products has inspired us to create our Designer Lashes VIP program.


Is being a Designer Lashes VIP right for you?


We are looking to collaborate with like mindset artists that want to work with industry leading, award winning products and make their clients feel absolutely beautiful.


Are you are a lash tech that wants to inspire, lead the lash game, and help other lash technicians create their best possible work?


Do you enjoy sharing your creations, and creating social media videos showing your beautiful work and how you created your art?


Are you happy to represent Designer Lashes products and have your work featured on our website, and social media page?

Do you already love the Designer Lashes brand and want exclusive perks, presents, and VIP discounts for orders?


If so, we would absolutely love to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below, and we will check out your socials and get back to you with more information on how to become a vip!

Apply to become a VIP

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Designer Lashes hunts down the best, latest and greatest products throughout the lash world so you can get superior results for your clients.

We are a working salon and our team of lash technicians exclusively use Designer Lashes products to consistently get the best results from our clients.  

We are constantly running internal training sessions to ensure our skills are top notch and to test any new products before they are launched in the online store. 

Check out the Designer Lashes Instagram page for client feedback and photos - click here

We like to dress up each package as a gift - so you will find an assortment of candies, chocolates, cute pens, stickers, product samples and festive novelties in each order.  (Christmas and easter are our favourites!!) 

We endeavour to keep prices low, and quality high without compromise.  

If you have any suggestions on products you'd like to see in the store - we are all ears. 

Please reach out with any suggestions here.

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