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Want to add extra services to your salon menu? 

Want to increase revenue?

Want to create a whole new group of clientele who want lower maintenance services but still love an open eyed, doe eyed look?

Designer Lashes & Dream Beauty have teamed up to create the ultimate lash lifting training course. 

This course, directed by two trainers, will allow you to cultivate superior lash lifting skills with the latest lifting products, a huge kit full of goodies, as well as educating you in client retention, how to enhance your clients experience, and how to create superior results - with ongoing mentoring to ensure you have the required support to thrive in this industry.


We don’t believe that lash lifting is a “one size fits all” treatment.  Different clients have different lashes (thick, thin, straight, downward facing).  We will teach you how to assess your client's natural lashes, confidently choose the right lifting shield and modify the processing times to ensure you complete an amazing lash lift and the client leaves with, most importantly, healthy lashes.  We are excited to share our in depth knowledge and lash lift tips which have been modified and perfected on our own clients, in-salon, resulting in many happy clients.


Because we want to see you thrive and feel confident in your lash lifting journey we provide a 1 day course which is dedicated to theory and several hours of practical.  On the day we will support and guide you through the lifting process on models and you will have completed 2 lash lifts by the end of the workshop.  


We know that training is essential but we also believe that you need support, coaching and mentoring as you continue perfecting your lash lifts on your clients in your own environment.  We will offer continued support and advice to help you feel confident in your lash lifting abilities. 


Every trainee will receive a manual & certificate. 

What's in the kit?

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Lash Lift
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