Plumerian Black Magic - Cyanoacrylate Free & Water Based!

Plumerian Black Magic - Cyanoacrylate Free & Water Based!



Our Plumerian is fresh, authentic and regularly replenished to guarantee the best results. 


IMPORTANT: This WILL NOT WORK for those who are sensitive to carbon black and have a blanket allergy to acrylates.

No adhesive can guarantee you will not react as every body has the potential to consider different ingredients as histamines. 


Personally, I am exclusively allergic to cyanoacrylate, and this adhesive saved my career.

Being cyanoacrylate sensitive, I am able to work with this adhesive with zero issues, and it is giving my clients the better retention than what they experienced with cyanoacrylate based adhesives. 

Read my personal experience with cyanoacrlate free adhesives here.

This adhesive will give you the most AMAZING retention you have ever had!!!  


What are the properties of our Black Magic Lash Adhesive?

  0.5-1 second curing time
  WATER-based adhesive
  Black in colour 
  Very versatile in different environments
  Works best in 45-65% humidity
  Works best in 18-30 degrees Celsius 
  6-8 week retention
  Thin consistency that NEVER collapses your 0.03mm MEGA fans
  10ml bottle that lasts 5-7 weeks once opened
  Cruelty and animal testing free
  Latex Free
  Store unopened in the fridge, and in a cool dry place once opened




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