Featuring the perfectly aligned foot featured in the OG Star, the Star ADVANCED features a slightly curved neck, which makes pick up an absolute breeze! 

The angle is not quite as relaxed as The Italy model, so you can still easily manoveur your perfect volume fans into the innermost corners with ease, and not worry that you'll drop your precious fan.  

These also feature ultra lightweight stainless steel, with very low resistance to ensure zero hand fatique - even after a long day lashing! 

I would not recommend these tweezers for the creation of fans over 8D - the Mega model is best for the creation of Mega Volume Fans


Every single pair of these gorgeous tweezers is hand tested prior to being shipped out - if I can't make a perfect fan with my much adored wiggle method (pick up lashes, place on strip, push the base on the strip to ensure they aren't going to fall over, use tweezer foot to wiggle out a wide fan, pick up) which requires a perfectly smooth grip, and the foot to connect perfectly the whole way along.  No sweet spots here!  

If I cannot, for whatever reason, make a perfect fan on my first attempt, it is automatically marked with an 'X' and is in the 2nds category, which you can also find listed here.  

These tweezers may work for you, or with another pick up method.  

Each pair is finished with a high reflective gloss to enable you to check for stickies, and what your work looks like from the front by placing on the gel pad. 


This pair is featured in the galaxy dreaming video!

You can see them in action in this video by Jody Bell




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