The MEGA One Tweezer

The MEGA One Tweezer


Formally engraved with THE ONE - now engraved with THE MEGA

These are my absolute FAVOURITES.

The only tweezers I use when creating mega volume, I use 0.05/0.03 on a daily basis and create 10D+ fans with these no problemo. 

I work with lengths from 4mm right up to 18mm (on occasion) and these tweezers have no issues in the creation of fans from the thinnest, shortest extensions, right up to very long lengths.  

They are very lightweight, the tension is zero, and I have no hand fatique when lashing ten hour days back to back.  

I use these for volume, I use these for classics, I use these to isolate, and to apply lashes.  

I have used them in the creation of multiple award winning sets of lashes and I keep every single pair that I've dropped ever - because each pair holds so many fan-tastic (lol lash puns) memories.  They are in the tweezer graveyard now.  

My lash game was poor until I encountered these babies.  

Now, I cannot be without them.  

I have six pairs on rotation at work - So each pair gets a through soak in disinfectant before being used on my next client.  


These are available in POLISHED SILVER, RAINBOW & GOLD.

Every single pair of these gorgeous tweezers is hand tested prior to being shipped out - if I can't make a perfect fan with my much adored wiggle method (pick up lashes, place on strip, push the base on the strip to ensure they aren't going to fall over, use tweezer foot to wiggle out a wide fan, pick up) which requires a perfectly smooth grip, and the foot to connect perfectly the whole way along.  No sweet spots here!  

If I cannot, for whatever reason, make a perfect fan on my first attempt, then they are rated for classic application and best suited for single lash pick up. 

These tweezers may work for you, or with another pick up method.  


My favourite pair style has a high reflective gloss finish to enable you to check for stickies, and what your work looks like from the front by placing on the gel pad. 




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