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So how did the designer lashes shop come to be?

I've loved lashes as long as I can remember. 

I used to sit in front of the mirror as a teenager and coat my lashes in multiple different tubes of mascara, with different brushes (as I was entirely convinced the different brushes would give me different results) and then painstaking glue clusters onto my lash line, stacking them in places I felt was required (likely because all the mascara I was using was causing gaps) and even going to far as to part my hair to cover the eye I felt wasn't having the better lash day.

When I heard lash extensions were a thing - I was obsessed.  I bought a kit off ebay and I practised on friends and family before deciding this was something I would love to do as a career and investing in proper training. 

My love for lashes grew over the years - but my fondness for the prices I was paying for product was not.  

While I love high quality products and offering the best to my clients - stocking trays of lashes at $30 a pop in every curl, thickness and diameter is not a cheap exercise.  

If you stocked only B, C and D curls, in only the three major classic thicknesses, 0.10, 0.12 and 0.15, stocking a single tray in lengths 8 - 14, this would cost you $1890. 

This is out of reach for many lash techs - and when I was starting out it definitely was for me. 

I starting importing lash products and found that whilst the prices were low - the quality did not meet my requirements.  

As my clientele grew, I looked into importing products in bulk - suppliers tend to be uninterested in selling only a few items to single lash techs, but if you are buying a few hundred they are happy to assist. 

I started selling excess product I had imported on lash forums on facebook, and found other lash techs were very keen on going in on orders with me.  

By ordering in bulk, I can offer low prices to other lash techs, and by putting everything I have on hand on my online store everyone can see exactly what I have and order what they want - and not have to wait for my to respond to facebook messages and emails. 

By importing the best and selling the excess products I import I am able to offer my clients the best possible lashes, the freshest, highest quality adhesives, primers and removers that I buy straight from the manufacturer, and beautifully crafted tweezers precision made to my specifications.  

With your support I can continue to grow the products I offer, both to my clients and you, so you can offer them to your clients also.  If you would like to request I stock a product, you are welcome to do so here. 


Orders are packed each day, and we aim to have all parcels placed by 3pm shipped the same day. 

I am always happy to answer questions (Click me to send a question!) but I will likely be unable to get back to you until each evening. 

Thank you so much for your support, and happy lashing! 

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