Here we have a haven for spoolies/ disposable mascara wands.

Superb for eyelash extensions, makeup artists, or ensuring you don't contanimate your mascara!  

I have updated this listing *extreme gasp* and condensed all my spoolies into one fabulous place so you can see ALL the spoolies I have in one place.  

Here we have big spoolies, little spoolies, colourful spoolies, ombre spoolies, black spoolies, silicone spoolies, and even spoolies with spikes on the end! 

You won't find a larger range anywhere in the country.  

We are a little bit spoolie obessed here.  I've even sourced some fancy blinged out spoolies which I've not condensed into this listing but are still ultra fancy pantsy and worth a looksie. 


All packs in this listing are sold in a quantity of 50pc.


These brushes are fantastic to use during eyelash extension application after taping or during russian volume application as you can brush the lashes into place, allowing an accurate view of how the lashes look.

They are also great for application of brow tint or henna, as the thin bristles allow for through cover of the brow hairs. 


Available in a range of fabulous, fun colours, these spoolies are great for retailing or gifting to clients!

Match these to your colour theme, or give your clients options.  

My clients adore the different colour options and many tell me they have specific colours for different rooms in their homes - their bathroom may be black and white, so they take the spoolie to match - if they have a pink car, the spoolie of choice is the pink one.  Grab a couple of packs and allow your own clients to pick their spoolie colour of choice!

When choosing your colour, the colour of the brush is listed first, followed by the colour of the handle. 

These are also know as mascara wands, for those confused by the term spoolie. 

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