Designer Lashes Ultrasoft Splits - Flat Lashes

Designer Lashes Ultrasoft Splits - Flat Lashes


These are my absolute favourite flat lashes.

The new mixed trays are now ultra soft and feathery, with a split tip.

No more hard plastic, these are soft to the touch and the most realistic and close to natural hair you can get without being a natural fibre. 

Heat fused, these are created by bonding multiple 0.03 diameter lashes together to make a true flat lash, resulting in the ultimate in lightweight lashes.  The tip is split, giving a volume style finish to your classic set.  

These require a very light hand - too much pressure and you risk kinking them. 

Still beautifully rich black, these lashes are simply stunning to behold.  

Super easy to remove off the strip, the tape is every so slightly tacky so it holds the lashes on securely but won't resist at all when you remove them, making them perfect for easy application of classic, and absolutely ideal for making fans on the tape.  

Choose your thickness! These lashes come in both 0.15 and 0.20 so you can step up the drama!

An assortment of different looks can be created with these split lashes - photos have been loaded of different looks I've created with C curl 0.15 thickness ultrasoft/split lashes. 

I use these on myself to give an ultra natural, thicker lash look, and have found the rentention to be absolutely fantastic - significantly better than classic lashes or dramatic flat lashes. 

These lashes all come in white cases with rounded off edges for easy storage and identification.  

Trays are mixed lengths and come in the following; 

7/8/9 ; 10/11/12 ; 13/14/15


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