Sky S+ Adhesive x 10

Sky S+ Adhesive x 10


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If you want a fume free Sky S+ - check out the SKY ZONE adhesive! 


Designer Lashes recommends switching your adhesive every month.

The most popular sky adhesive, this adhesive combines excellent retention with lower fumes than it's predecessor, Sky S.
With retention rates of 6-7 weeks, you won't find better hold than what this adhesive offers!
Very quick, Sky S+ cures within 1-2 seconds so will suit experienced technicians.
This adhesive works best in humidities of 30-60%, temperatures of 18 - 23 degrees celcius and is of a thin viscosity. It is Suitable for both volume and classic lash techniques.
Designer Lashes imports all adhesives directly from the manufacturer in small quantities to ensure the adhesive is super fresh - we sell out fast so old stock isn't a problem!! We can guarantee your adhesive is fresh and not compromised, so you can focus on lashing!

This bottle is 5ml


- This adhesive is for use by professionals only.  To use this adhesive, you must be trained and certified in the art of Classic and/or Russian Volume lash extensions, and be aware of the risks associated with using this adhesive, and the correct way to deal with these risks.  Designer Lashes cannot be held accountable for misuse of this product, or damages caused by this product.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of this adhesive to those who cannot supply proof of their certification. 

- This adhesive must not be exposed to cotton or paper in any form.  

This includes tape, tissues, paper, cotton tips, clothing, bedding, etc.




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