Minnow Hair Building Powder

Minnow Hair Building Powder


Are you a man or a women struggling with thinning hair or hair loss.

Then we may have the solution for you.

MINNOW Hair Building Fibres instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair.

Made of natural, coloured Keratin protein that is naturally statically charged, MINNOW Hair Fibres intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look.

9 DIFFERENT HAIR colours FOR YOUR SELECTION MINNOW HAIR BUILDING fibres Available in nine shades that can be mixed to match any hair colour, Keratin Fibres work for all hair types and textures. Also great for part lines, covering extension tracks and touching up roots between hair colour appointments.

Easily washes out with shampoo. Why Choose MINNOW Hair BUILDING Fibres. 

MINNOW gives the instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair.

MINNOW Hair Building Fibres are made from natural Keratin of the highest grade, the same type of protein found in real hair, which makes it look completely natural and undetectable.

These natural Keratin fibres have an innate static charge that ensures they adhere to any type of hair and resist wind, rain and perspiration.



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