Let me guess, you clicked on this listing because it sent magical right?  

You probably thought, what's so magical about those bright blue beads?

Well, prepare to have your MIND BLOWN.  

These Magical beads are probably the best thing since sliced bread.

Everyone tells you to keep your addy in rice, right?

That the adhesive will be kept fresher for longer because the rice will absorb all the moisture in the air around your adhesive, and not ruin the adhesive?  That all sounds great, right?


Unfortunately, uncooked rice can contain spores of Bacillus cereus, a bacterium that can cause food poisoning, and if transferred to the eye, can cause an eye infection!

Not ideal in our line of work.  

This is where the best thing since sliced bread comes in.

These beads, like rice, absorb the water, but WON'T cause an eye infection as they don't harbour bacteria.  They are also reusable, and will let you know when they have reached their maximum capacity in regards to water absorption because they will turn PINK.  

That's right.  These are magical colour changing beads.  

To reuse, tip the beads into a microwave safe container, and give them a quick zap on low/medium heat.  Moisture will be gone, beads will be blue, ready for round two!


This listing is for a box of these magical beads, which are ample to pour into a small jar (one with a lid) which you can put your adhesive into. 

The total weight of the beads and the plastic box they will be sent to you in is approx 60grams for the large size, and the small size is a small pouch that is best utilised in your adhesive pouch, so approx a tsp of magic beads.  The small size also changes between blue and orange, not blue and pink. 



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