Lint Free Applicators in case

Lint Free Applicators in case


I cannot and will not work without these.  

On the (VERY) rare occasions I have run out of these, I have had a panic attack and attempted tp use q-tips in their place and kicked myself because cotton tips will NEVER give you the fabulously clean lashes, and perfect lines when tinting these lint free applicators will.  




- They are perfect for lash application prep, as they won't snag extensions previously applied when cleansing lashes prior to infilling (unlike blasted cotton q-tips), they don't get caught in the lashes or dissolve, and the applicators are large enough to give a thorough clean.

- The slanted tip allows you to cleanse between the lashes and along the lash line with ease, and they sweep away makeup easily allowing for the perfect base for lashing.  I use these with a diluted chrissanthie foam mixture and have found my retention to be the best it has ever been.  

- The angle of these brushes make them not only hugely useful for henna mixing, but also application.  Easily apply sharp lines and fill in the shape of the brow, then wet an additional application and run it along the start of the brow to create the sought after ombre brow that's hugely popular right now.


50pc included



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