Lash Pillow

Lash Pillow


This is the pillow the lash world is so excited about!

How, exactly, will this up my lash game you ask?

Well! Let me tell you.

This pillow has been engineered with beauticians and lash techs in mind.  

Do you constantly have to ask your client to shuffle towards you? 

You may find your pillow may be slightly too big, causing your client to be comfortable in a position that is disadvantageous for optimal lashing - But that issue won't occur this pillow!

This pillow boasts the perfect dimensions to ensure your client is exactly where you want them.  

The pillow itself is made of an ultra luxe foam which is very comfortable, and allows your client to sink off into a glorious snooze, and features a black velvet-like cover.

The pillow is also the perfect dimension to use with these disposable pillow covers, which feature a soft cotton top on a plastic bottom to work perfectly for absolute hygiene. 


The pillow also comes with the option of coming with a shelf! Currently not in stock sorry!

This shelf matches the dimensions of the pillow perfectly, and the two go together like Strawberries and Icecream.

The shelf hugs the pillow nicely, and extends over one side of the pillow, allowing you to place your tile  - or to use it as the tile! alongside your clients head, speeding up application. 

For easy removal of the strip lashes we recommend the Magic lash line, which features foil backing for easy, no tear removal. 

This shelf also has a space for three pairs of tweezers to stand upright, and a hollow for your adhesive to be stored.  

There is also a cubby area for your lash trays, or your phone.  

The measurements for the shelf are as follows: 

40cm wide, 20cm deep, and 12.1cm high. 

The plastic shelf extends 13cm over the side of the pillow, and extends out an additional 8cm to allow for the shelves and space for your adhesive. 


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