Henna Spa Growth Gel

Henna Spa Growth Gel


Henna Spa Growth Gel contains minoxidil, which stimulates the "dormant" follicles to wake up and promotes the growth of new hair - thanks to its use, the lifespan of the hair is extended and their appearance improves.

Studies have shown that the most effective form of growth drug is one that has a high input of pure minoxidil, which explains its yellowish color and characteristic odor.


This gel is ideal for the restoration of plucked eyebrows - it restores 80% of hair follicles that have long ceased to grow, helps to return to the natural density of the eyebrows.

As the gel contains minoxidil it awakens dormant follicles promotes new hair growth, prolonging the life of the hair, improving its appearance at the cellular level for regular use for local external use


NON-HORMONAL, non-addictive and after growing the hair regrows you will not require a second course.



Rub the drug into the problem areas of the eyebrows with gentle massage movements. Apply 2 times a day (morning and evening). Stable results are achieved in 3-4 months of correct constant use.



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