Eco ProMade Fans - MEGA 0.03 Lash Rolls

Eco ProMade Fans - MEGA 0.03 Lash Rolls


These lashes will change everything.

They will change how you lash, they will change the speed of your lash work, the density, fullness and look of your sets, as well as making your sets  more efficent and eco friendly.


The packaging is completely new.

Each biodegradable paper straw has two strips of lashes, which is wrapped up in a biodegradable film. 

To use each strip simply remove one end with your tweezers and adhere straight to a silicone tray, or use with a double sided tape

These lashes need to be removed by the base, with a pair of tweezers with a flat foot.  

I don't recommend using a pointed pair of classic tweezers, these require a set of volume tweezers to ensure they are picked up intact.  


These Lashes are being transitioned into being made of a more eco friendly fibre. 

You've heard of pbt, now meet pbo. 

These lashes are made from a completely new, SoronaTM Polymer.

With plant derived ingredients, these lashes are completely vegan, being made from corn.  

When producing the fibre for these lashes, 30% less energy is required when compared to typical polymers, and a 63% reduction in CO2 emissions is recorded.  

This is a massive leap for our industry, and when combined with the completely biodegradable packaging, makes for a significantly more sustainable practise.  


Each fan is promade by Thailand lash artists in either the wiggle or mirror link technique.  

No two fans will be perfectly alike, as they are hand made.  

This allows the bases to be incredibly tiny, and pointed.  

As a result, you will experience incredible retention and a magnet like attachment to the natural lash.  


3d - 8d has 60 promade fans on the two included strips.

9d - 10d has 50 promade fans on the two included strips.

12d has 40 promade fans on the two included strips.

14d - 16d has 34 promade fans on the two included strips. 


3D fans are made with 0.07 lashes.  

5D and 8D fans are made with 0.07 lashes.

10D -16D fans are made with 0.03 lashes. 

Fan Size


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