Disinfecting Box

Disinfecting Box


This is my absolute saviour! No longer do I have to very carefully place my tweezers in a glass jar, trying desperately to avoid banging the tips, I can now lay them down in the basket of this container, and lower it into the disinfectant.  

This plastic container seals shut, and when you lift the lid, it lifts up the self draining basket towards you, so you don't have to dip your fingers in the disinfectant - which, if you're using something as concentrated as me, your skin will greatly appreciate! 

The box itself requires only a shallow amount of disinfectant to completely cover your tweezers, so you will reduce the amount of disinfectant you need, while still completely saturating your tools. 

Size approx 22.5*12*7.5cm so perfect for all lash tweezers!


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