Brow Henna Powders By Irina Levchuk

Brow Henna Powders By Irina Levchuk


Henna comes packed in a 10gram tube. 

The powder contained in each tube is ample for 50-150 applications. 

Henna is a 99.5% natural product that has the power to stain the skin and penetrate the hair shaft. 

Mixed with 4-5 drops of water into a paste and applied with a thin brush on the skin and hair shaft it is then left on for 15-20 minutes.

The colour effects last up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair shaft.




I argue with my brows on a semi frequent basis.  Trust me, they hate me, I hate them, they hate to be tinted, and bleached (typically these two happen in rapid succession, followed by a lot of regret and chocolate)  and they never look how I want them. 

Essentially, I had given up on them and we did our own thing.  


So you fully appreciate the fustrating quality of my brows, let me explain.

My brows feel the need to grow in two different shades.  Not just randomly, like, some brow hairs will be one shade, others will be a different shade.  That would be fine.  That would be like eyebrow highlights, and I would be down for that. 

No, my brows, in specific parts, will feel the need to grow in halfway down the hair as a very light blonde, before changing colour and being dark brown.  

Why not just tint the hair, you may ask? 

I have tried this.  The blonde half refuses to take on colour. 

It just won't.  The darker half, however.  Happy to.  I apply a blonde shade and they go DARK BROWN. 

Which doesn't suit me.  At all.  So I bleach them back (typically making them half disapear in the process) then CAREFULLY dye them so I have something similar to what I started with in the end and have gained a stronger resolve not to touch my brows.

BUT THE HENNA COVERS ALL.  PERFECTLY.  No multi shades, just everything, perfectly covered.  Perfect brow lines, perfect everything.  Cannot live without this stuff now.  

Even on Grandmas brows, which contain the odd tint resistant grey hair, are covered perfectly with brow henna.  I highly, highly recommend. 


The Colours + my personal suggestions


The Blonde's 


Blonde #1 Pearl blonde, the lightest of the bunch, will stain the hair but isn't a huge skin stainer unless you add graphite. 

Blonde #2 Light blonde, a shade darker and a safe bet for most blondes. 

Blonde #3 Light chestnut, this one will stain the skin so a great choice for blondes who want power brows without the drawn on look. 

Blonde #4 Golden Blonde, excellent for darker blondes wanting matching brows, lighter blondes who want statement brows, or brunettes wanting a softer overall look (like JLo!)

Blonde #5 Dark Blonde, perfect to add to any of the above to remove any unwanted hues if graphite risks taking the shade too dark, and a great choice for darker blondes and brunettes nervous about the browns going too dark. 


The Brunette's

Brunette #1 Neutral Brown, the safe bet for those wanting a very natural result.  Best used on those with lighter shades of brown hair and pale skin. 

Brunette #2 Cold Coffee - perfect coffee shade, slightly cooler than the neutral brown.  

Brunette #3 Rich Taupe, excellent skin staining permeability, great for those with darker skin tones or clients who want very noticable brows. 


Brunette #4  Bitter Chocolate, to accompany its delicious name this chocolate shade is beautiful and perfect for natural darker brown shades, and those with tanned skin. 

Brunette #5 Frosty Auburn, slightly redder than bitter chocolate, this shade would be great for red toned browns. 



Amber - want warmth? Add amber!!  Want to cover grey hairs that tint alone won't hide?  Amber is your saviour!

Graphite (Black) - Have you found that the henna isn't bonding to your clients skin on its own, or it's throwing tones you didn't see coming?  Add some graphite to the henna you have remaining, and paint it over the henna you've already done.  The graphite neutralises any unwanted tones, cools down the shade of henna applied, and allows the henna to stain the skin.  An absolute must have in your kit. 



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