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Calculating Fan Weights

Russian Volume is the latest, greatest, and most popular style of eyelash extension application in the world.

Sadly, incorrect information about this technique is rife, and some people have been misinformed about the art of creating these beautiful fans.

A common misconception when creating volume, is that the thickness of the lash used to create the fan is also used to calculate the total weight of a fan.

For example, as demonstrated by the following image, some people incorrectly believe that the weight of a 3d 0.07 fan exceeds the weight of a 0.20 extension.

This however, is not accurate.

In order to correctly determine the weight of the fan, we must find out what the weight of the extension is.

In general, the standard weight of a single 12mm lash of each diameter was recorded as follows;

0.20 - .00030g

0.15 - .00015g

0.12 - .00012g

0.10 - .00010g

0.07 - .00007g

0.06 - .00005g

0.05 - .00003g

0.03 - .00002g

Therefore the weight of 5 x 0.06 thickness extensions (5 x .00005 = 0.00025) is less than a single 0.20 extension.

The weight of 7 x 0.03 thickness extensions (7 x 0.00002 = 0.00014) is less than a single 0.15 extension.

The weight of 10 x 0.03 thickness extensions (10 x 0.00002 = 0.00030) is the same as a single 0.20 lash.

It is worth noting that these calculations should always be done being mindful of the weight of the adhesive you add to the fan, as this can also increase the overall weight of the fan..

As this diagram shows; each of these seven 0.03 lashes weigh only 0.0002g, and the weight, not the thickness is what is calculated to determine how much the fan weighs, and therefore how many extensions you can safely apply to a natural lash.

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