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Henna Hacks!

Over the last 6 months, henna has blown up.

Not only does henna tint the brow hairs, it also tints the skin, the stubborn greys, the downy blondes, and perfectly covers tattoos!

This results in the most magnificent power brow you could ever dream of giving your client.

This product is also 99% natural, and only requires the addition of water to create the perfect consistency.

Each bottle has hundreds of uses, so you'll buy one bottle and it will last months, if not years.

No more chemicals, developers, or horrible smelling lotions, and a significantly reduced risk or reacting!

Henna conditions the hair, so helps to grow back over plucked brows, and can colour the skin, motivating your client not to pluck out new growth.

So how exactly does this incredible product work?!

Henna is mixed in a container with 3-5 drops of distilled water (not tap to ensure you're not adding unknown chemicals to the mix) with your Brow Henna at a ratio of 2:1

Mix thoroughly, and add a couple of additional drops of water if required to gain a consistency of soy sauce - the thinner the better, to ensure complete saturation of the skin.

Allow this mix to stand for one minute, then paint onto your clients prepped brows.

To prep the brows, I personally use a mixture of diluted chrissanthie and scrub with a lint free brush so the brows are free of any makeup.

Then I wipe them with a priming pad to dehydrate the hair, so when the henna is applied it sucks up as much as possible.

I apply the henna with a lint free brush, and draw on hair strokes at the beginning of the brow with hair stroke brushes, and create a sharp tail with a henna brush.

Unsure what colour to use on your client?

Check out this guide!

No 1 Neutral Brown is suitable for dark-blond or light brown hair. In addition, this colour is perfectly suited for colouring very thin, plucked eyebrows.

No 2 Cold Coffee is suitable for women with very white, alabaster skin and women with brown eyes. When mixed with No 3 Rich Brown it gives a rich colour similar to bitter chocolate, softening the olive tone of the skin.

No 3 Rich Brown is suitable for bright brunettes. When mixed with No 2 Cold, it is suitable for very light, almost transparent skin.

No 4 Bitter Chocolate works well for brown-haired women and dark-haired women. It is indispensable for creating the image of a femme fatale.

No 5 Frosty Chestnut is the brightest shade in the whole line. It works very well for women with dark hair and cold skin. In order to adjust the colour saturation, one can simply vary the product’s consistency and number of layers applied.

No 1 Pearl works well for blondes with very white, almost transparent skin. It gives a very gentle result that is as natural as possible. We recommended adding a bit of graphite concentrate to avoid an undesirable warm tint with yellowness.

No 2 Light Brown is for women with olive skin tone, as it softens the coldness of the skin. It is also recommended for women with Slavic skin types. When mixed with No 3 Light Chestnut it turns into a beautiful muscat colour.

No 3 Light Chestnut is one of the most popular shades for blondes with honey, golden and apricot hair tones. Also recommended to women with bright red hair.

No 4 Golden Blonde is a very soft, gentle colour. It is suitable for blonde women. When used for colouring, it gives a warm look that is as natural as possible. It gives volume and density even to naturally thin eyebrows.

No 5 Dark Blond suits ashen blonde and dark-blond women, as well as women with a Slavic or European appearance. It gives as natural a look as possible.

Black essence BH Brow Henna is used for darkening the colour. Just a few grains are necessary for a saturated colour.

Auburn essence BH Brow Henna is used for lightening the colour. It gives a shade of warmth, smoothly softening the colour.

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