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Why aren’t my lashes lasting?

There are multiple issues as to why your lashes could be shedding prematurely.

Firstly, when they fall, pick one up and have a close look. Is the extension attached to a natural lash? If so, this is the natural shedding of your lashes and is nothing to be concerned about.

Our natural lashes have three different growth stages, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

Some clients are concerned that wetting, shampooing and brushing their lashes will cause them to fall out, as they notice the lashes fall out more during these activities. This is in fact not the case, as the lashes may have shed during the day but not fallen out, and been stuck in place due to makeup or build up. The main function of our lashes are brows is to keep sweat, dirt and dust out of our eyes, which can accumulate during the day.

When our lashes are washed and brushed, this build up is removed, so any loose lashes stuck in place will fall also.

If the extension is not attached to a natural lash, read on.

Dirty Lashes

As discussed above, our lashes have the job of keeping dust, sweat, oil, makeup and dirt out of our eyes. If not cleaned, these products accumulate in our lashes and the build up can dissolve the adhesive, resulting in the extensions falling out prematurely. Lashes should be cleansed 2-3 times a week if you don’t wear eye makeup, and every day if you do. You should also cleanse them after a work out; to remove sweat and oil that could have accumulated in your lash line.

If you do not wash your lashes you also put yourself at risk of a lash mite infestation, Blepharitis, and eye infections.


Some allergies, including hay fever, can cause premature lash loss.

This is due to the rubbing the itching cause encourage, resulting in the bonds breaking, and extension loss.

Medications & supplements

Certain medications and supplements can shorten the lash cycle, resulting in the lashes falling out prematurely. Thyroid medications are known to shorten the lash cycle. Some supplements such as omega oils and flax oils can coat the lashes and disrupt the bond between the lash and the extension, causing the extensions to slip straight off.

Stress, pregnancy and hormonal disruptions.

Stress, pregnancy and hormones can cause sudden hair loss, including lash loss.

Clients should be aware that these issues can cause premature and sudden lash loss.

Non-compatible products

Lash extension adhesives are dissolved by oil, so it is imperative that all products that contain oil are kept away from the eye area. Moisturisers applied to the face but avoiding the eye area are typically okay – but if used prior to a work out combine with sweat and run into the lash line, typically without the wearers knowledge. If not promptly cleansed cause deteriorate the bond.

Some glycols, parabens, and mineral oils can also be detrimental to the bond.

Eye drops and some eye mists can be detrimental to the bond also. The use of these products can cause loss of extensions.

It is vital to ensure the natural lashes are clean prior to extension application - this means mascara and moisturisers should not be applied in the 48 hours leading up to application to ensure the bond is uninhibited.

Side sleeping

Friction, caused by sleeping predominantly on one side will cause the loss of extensions on the outer quarter of the eye. Sleeping on your front will cause loss from both eyes.

It is advisable to sleep on your back.

Hooded Lids and oily skin

Clients with oily skin may find their lashes do not last as long as drier skinned clients. Clients with hooded lids will find this issue exasperated as the skin is in constant contact with the lashes, with both friction and oil being placed on the lashes.

Possible solutions to combat the oily skin issue include using oil blotting papers around the eyes during the day to absorb excess oil, and if wearing classic lashes, the use of a sealant may prove beneficial.

Trichotillomania and picking

Clients who are compulsive pickers are not good candidates for lash extensions.

Constant touching of the lashes will transfer oils from the skin to the lashes and break down the adhesive bond. Picking at the lashes will cause the bond to break and result in natural lash and extension loss, causing gaps in the lash line.

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