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Dedicated to the highest quality eyelash extensions possible, Designer Lashes uses customised lash extensions made to the highest possible standards.    

Designer Lashes cherry picks the best products from different brands all over the globe, to ensure that your lashes are lush, soft, and long lasting.  At Designer Lashes eyelash extension application is not just a passion, but an art form. Every client is a blank canvas and Designer Lashes endeavours to ensure that the set of lashes created enhances their natural beauty. Eyelash extensions should compliment your face, not be a focal point.  

Cashmere eyelash extensions

The lashes applied at Designer Lashes are noticeable, but graceful.  They curl beautifully and feel soft to the touch - Designer Lashes does not use the hard, straight plastic lash extensions you find in cheap lash shops. 

Classic application involves the use of groove lashes, also known as cashmere lashes.  These are designed with a curved base to ensure a seamless bond between your natural lash and the extension.  These super light lashes measure .15mm wide, but only .07mm thick, giving you the thick, dark lash line you desire, without the weight of typical classic lash extensions.  The flat surface of these lashes creates a superior bonding surface to your natural lash without any added weight, allowing the application of thicker lashes to your natural lashes, without causing any damage.

Volume Lashes info
Cashmere Lashes info

The volume lashes stocked by Designer Lashes range from 0.03 - 0.07mm, which allows the creation of up to 10D fans, providing your natural lashes are strong and healthy, creating a hollywood glamour you can wear 24/7.

The lashes sourced by Designer Lashes are the ultimate in softness - meaning the extensions look and feel like your own.

Designer Lashes is here to reinvent the way you look at eyelash extensions.  You may have had a bad experience in the past, but rest assured, you have found your lash saviour.  The photos below are of some thrilled clients - most, as you can see, wear no makeup at all, yet still look absolutely gorgeous.  By giving them long, dark lashes, they feel confident wearing minimal to no makeup on a day to day basis - yet still feel glamourous.  Rest assured, you will be totally at ease throughout the whole application process, guided through each stage, before you likely fall asleep on the extra wide mattress, that has been padded with memory foam, which clients rave about.  Designer Lashes takes lashing seriously - from the moment you lay down your head, to when you open your eyes, freshly framed with bambi lashes.  The ultimate in lash extensions is waiting.  All you need to do is book in. 

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