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Zero secret that I love my 0.03's - but here's some early feedback from other lash techs!

Kim Grison - owner of Diva Whangarei 

(Multi Award winning lash tech!!) sent me the following feedback regarding the new Mega Volume lashes; 

"Today I started a .07 set and thought, hold on a minute, let’s try Claire’s 03’s!!
There are a few .07 3D in here, but mostly .03s in any D you can imagine.
It took me 3/4 if the set to get the hang of them, and to find a set of tweezers that I could work with, but in the end I was banging out decent 6-9d fans. "

Jaylene Campbell - Pure Beauty and Wellness

Can I please come get some more lashes... don’t think I can ever use anything other than those ones ever again

Sophia Stace - Lasting Beauty

As well as sending me a bunch of the adorable love heart eyed' emojis to convey how she felt about the lashes, Sophia also sent me the following;

"Holy shit just had a practice of these lashes before my client gets here... game changers.  

With 0.03s... never thought I would see the day

So much easier to use thank you!

Leah Ramsay - Beaute Bar Taupo 

"Lashes were a dream to use. I was able to consistently make 6-5d fans my tweezers don't allow me to do much more."

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