Ultrasonic Nebulizer/Nano Mister

Ultrasonic Nebulizer/Nano Mister


Featuring the finest molecule size of all the nano misters in the Designer Lashes store, this ultrasonic nano mister dispenses particles that are only 1-5μm in size.

This ultra fine particule size reduces the liklihood of shock curing or blooming, ensuring your clients extensions continue to bond strongly with the natural lash for the entire natural cycle of each lash.

The use of this device at the end of each service not only removes the need for your client to wait 24-48 prior to getting their lashes wet, as this device speeds up the curing process, but it removes any negative sensations and irritation experienced by exposing the naked eye to raw adhesive.

The use of this product significantly reduces the liklihood of your client experiencing an allergic reaction, as well as allowing you to wash off any adhesive fume particles that may be sitting on the eyelid after the use of this device.  

Functions with two AA batteries, or when plugged into the wall. 


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