The Holy DUO

The Holy DUO


Combining the two best selling products Designer Lashes stocks from Locks Lash into a discount duo deal!  Holy Grail adhesive and unicorn tears.

Want the ultimate in retention for your clients?  

Give this holy duo a go!


The search is over for your favourite glue.

This is one of the best glues we have ever used.

It's fast, a 2 second dry time, retention is what you would expect of a premium adhesive and it's not too fumey. We've tried it on our most troublesome clients, for classic and for volume and it passed every test. Every. Single. time! We are soooo excited to be able to supply you with it.

Our most popular glue! Its the best Lash Extension glue around!

Happy lashing!


Drying time: 1-3 seconds

Humidity level: 40-75%

Temp: 19-25C

Formaldehyde free

Viscosity: Medium

Once glue is opened it will last for 3-8 weeks (depending on environment it is stored in). For best results, store in a cool low humidity environment, in foil bag, with silica sachet. 


What are the ideal conditions for glue?

You should already know about Humidity and Temperature but do you know the third critical factor?

Most don’t!

We have had the scientists (literally) trying to figure out what exactly is the perfect conditions for glue (any glue) to set properly and offer the best retention!

Well after a lot of research we have found it!


Introducing the NEW Unicorn Tears!

This magical stuff will provide the PERFECT pH on the natural lash to provide the best possible conditions (along with right humidity and temperature) for the glue to adhere to! 

Use it the same way you use primer, after cleansing the area.

Minds will be blown, training manuals will be rewritten, retention will go through the roof! Get excited!!

Try it out and see how big of a difference it makes!


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