Sky Zone Lash Wash x 5

Sky Zone Lash Wash x 5


Sky Zone has taken the world by storm, and has fast become my best selling adhesive - ever.

Hot on the heels of this incredible response to this amazing adhesive, a range of sky zone products have been launched, with each product being an upgraded version of it's predecessor. 

The Sky Zone Lash Wash is a lash shampoo that has been formulated to ensure it doesn't irritate your clients eyes, but will remove all traces of dirt, makeup, and oil to ensure the lashes are prepped for lashing, and is also great to retail as aftercare. 

The Sky Zone Lash Wash is free of alcohol, so won't dry out the sky or lashes. 

Please note the larger size bottle has no english writing on the bottle or box, so would suggest the smaller bottles be used for retail, and larger for pre lashing prep.


These bottles include a free brush, and come in two different sizes.



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