Needle Tip Bottle

Needle Tip Bottle


This is the absolute perfect tool for getting the perfect henna consistency.  

Multiple different needle tips, this bottle dispenses drops of water to make the absolute perfect soy sauce thickness. 

Also perfect for rinsing henna, tint, and shampoo. 


Multi use bottle right here people - brows and lashes!


For lashes, dispense a drop of water onto the adhesive once you have finished with the drop you are working with to snap cure it! 

Dropping uncured adhesive into a bin allows it to continue emitting fumes into the air, potentially causing respiratory issues.

If the adhesive falls into the bin onto a tissue it also risks starting a fire, as adhesives reacct with cotton.  


When using for brows...

Hands up - who when doing a set of henna brows has added WAY too much water to their henna mix and ended up having to add more henna, then ends up wasting a bunch because there is no way you needed that much henna, but had to even out the water to henna ratio?

Yep, that's me, 9 times out of 10.

UNTILL NOW.  I stumbled across this nifty little 50ml bottle with a bunch of needle tips, so you can adjust how much water comes out, so can use the tiny little needle to dispense a tiny droplet if you require the smallest little drop to reinvigorate your henna mix, or a larger one if you are rinsing.  



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