My Favs - Russian Volume

My Favs - Russian Volume


A collection of all my favourite products for creating perfect russian volume fans. 

In this kit you'll find;

- 5gm of cyanoacrylate free adhesive.  This polyacrylate adhesive has given me the best retention rates and isn't hugely fickle with humidity and temperature.  It's slightly thicker than your typical adhesive, I would liken it to lady black in terms of consistency.  It's absolutely fantastic for use with russian volume as the thicker consistency will not wick up your fans, causing them to close, nor will the adhesive dry too quickly, making it ideal for wrapping.  

- 3 Eye Candy trays in 0.05.  Two of the trays are C curl, one is B curl.

The B curl tray features lengths 6 - 8mm which is ideal for realistic enhancement of the inner lashes.  The softer curl won't cause unnatural looking curves in the inner corner of the eye, instead create a gradually enhanced curl when combined with the other trays. 

The two C curl trays are in longer lengths.  One contains 9 - 11mm lengths, and the other contains 12-14mm lengths for enhanced length styles.  

- Two pairs of THE ONE, one ideal for isolation, and one pair hand tested for perfect creation of russian volume fans.  This pair will have no sweet spots, just pure, ideal pickup the whole way across the foot. 

- 50 pairs of gel pads for securing lower lashes. 

- 2 packs of my eternal bio gel silicone pads for lifting of lash layers. 

- USB rechargeable nano mister to cure the adhesive. 

- 100ml english rose scented lash shampoo for cleansing of the lashes, ensuring a clean base. 

- 50ml empty bottle for water rinsing. 

- 50pc lint free brushes for lash cleansing. 

- 50pc silicone mascara wands, the silicone is gentle on freshly applied extensions, ensuring that you don't pop off freshly applied bases. 



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