NOTE: Some of these have the same card as the feather luxe line - this is an error on my suppliers behalf.  The lashes are mega, the size/curl/thickness is correct, it simply states 'feather luxe' across the top of some trays. The Single length trays have also had the word MEGA incorrectly spelt as MEGE.  

Following on from the massive success of the 0.03 & 0.05 MEGA line, we have now launched the 0.04 line - for a beautiful feathery finish. 

None of these lashes have a blue hue, the 0.04 line has an upgraded style, with new features including the card being foil so you won't rip the strips peeling them off the paper, and complete pink styling. 


The level of excitment I have to bring these to you is indescribable. 

I genuinely thought for so long if I was having an issue with making fans, it was likely the adhesive, or static on the tweezers, or even that I was having a bad lash day. 

Then I thought - hey, maybe it's because the lashes are so thin.  Being 0.05 or 0.03 must mean they are harder to work with right?  WRONG 


You fan them, beautifully, you dip them in the adhesive, place them on the lash, and push it ever so slightly onto the natural lash so they wrap around, and they stay in place.  They just hold.  Don't ask me how.  I've switched lashes, and repeated the process, but the fan made with the other lashes falls over - it doesn't stay.  Yes, I could babysit it for half the day - but when you're focusing on speed and your client wants the fluffiest lashes in the least amount of time and you want that incredible photo - who has time to babysit every fan??  You want them to STAY - and these lashes STAY.  

Plus, even in the 0.03 diameters, they are stupid easy to fan. 

Easier than the 0.07 lashes - I swear! 

I absolutely LOVE THEM, obviously, but check out some early feedback from other lashers we all know and love here! 




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