Magic 5ml

Magic 5ml


AmberLash Magic Glue not only maximizes the bonding strength in 2 – 3 seconds, but also helps to keep the fume very low and non-irritative. 

We aim to empower all eyelash extension professionals by providing you the best quality products you need. 

Safe and Mild formula, fully tested in the USA


Product Description:
– Drying time: 2-3 sec
– Lasting time / retention: up to 6-8 weeks* (★★★★★) * in laboratory
– Lower Fumes Level (★★☆☆☆)
– Viscosity: Low (★☆☆☆☆)
– Best eyelash extension environment conditions: 70-74F (21-23C), humidity RH 50-70%
– Flexibility: High (★★★★★)
– Color: Black
– Volume: 5 ml
– Medical Grade Formula: N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate, Black Furnace. Black Carbon-Free and Latex-Free


★ PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH AND RETENTION: Our formula of black eyelash extension glue has an outstanding retention power! With this non-irritation formula, even the sensitive customer will be pleased with this glue! If you need the best choice for truly long-lasting results (up to 8 weeks), try Amber Lash Magic Glue!


★ EXTREME FAST DRYING: 2-3 sec. drying, fragrance-free and strong enough to use on even the tiniest lashes. Our eyelash glue is designed for professional stylists, and it is not so demanding in temperature and humidity. This will help to speed up eyelash extension procedures while retaining professional quality.


★ SUPER SAFE & HIGH QUALITY: Amber Lash Glue is formaldehyde- and latex-free. There are no sulfates, mineral oils or parabens in the ingredients. Our glue doesn’t irritate eyes and is suitable for most sensitive eyes. The bottle is designed to use 100% of its contents. Don’t waste your money on remnants of dry glue in the bottle.


★ WEATHER RESISTANCE AND LOW FUMES: Don’t be afraid of rain, wind, hot temperature or high humidity – your eyelashes will remain intact. Besides maximizing the bonding strength, the advanced formula also helps keep the fume low. We manage the strict quality control to provide our customers the best quality eyelash extension glue product.


★ TOP SATISFACTION: This is the lash extension glue you can trust. It’s designed and formulated by experts of personal care and beauty in New York City and manufactured in Korea at FDA approved facility corresponding to world quality standards.

Feel free to contact us for guidance with product usage to get the best possible results.


Quality Assurance:

We have strict quality control and regular review system. This glue is produced under ISO & ITQA approved quality standards using the highest quality.
-Manufacturer has been approved by ITQA Co., LTD to the following environment management system standards ISO 14001:2015
-Manufacturer has been approved by ITQA Co., LTD to the following environment management system standards ISO 9001:2015


✧ [Recommended Usage and Storage Guidelines]✧
– Best environment for eyelash extension procedure is 68-80 F, humidity 30-70%.
– Once glue is opened, use within one month. Clean the nozzle of the glue thoroughly after each use.
– Shake horizontally well before each use from for 30-60 seconds.
– Store the glue in in the aluminum bag with silica gel that came with the glue and ensure the air is removed before closing the bag.
– Store the adhesive in an upright position at a cool and dark place with low humidity.
– If the glue is stored in a fridge, allow it to stay at room temperature for 30 to 60 min.

– Compare to Ethyl or Methyl-2 Cyanoacrylate which includes in many other glues, our product contains N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate.

It has the lowest to no order and representative as safe to use in medical environment. 

Although it is medical graded, do not allow the glue get into the eyes directly!

– Customer’s eyes must be tightly closed throughout the extension process.
– Do not get the glue directly into the eyes.
– If eye contact occurs, hold eyelid open and rinse thoroughly but gently with only water for 15 minutes and get medical professional help.


For Lash Professionals only.

Not for self-application, never use this product on your own with individual lashes, Cluster or Strip lashes.


About AmberLash:

▾Chosen by Lash Industry Professionals▾
All Amber Lash products are tested and positively reviewed by the Professionals before launch.
Our DEDICATION, INTEGRITY, & COMMITMENT is to provide the highest quality
Assuring you that we test our product over and over again to make sure you get the highest quality in the market and that’s a promise

Amber Lash Glues are designed in New York and made by our partners in Korea.
All products comply with hazardous product safety measures!


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