Locks Lash Henna

Locks Lash Henna

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Introducing: the latest range of henna products!

The Locks Lash Henna range features colours that are very rich and do not go as "orangey" or "reddy" as traditional Henna colours can sometimes do.

The colour range includes:

- Almond (Light Brown) - The lightest shade in the range and recommended for blondes and redheads. For a lighter shade of Almond, reduce your processing time by 5 minutes.

- Truffle (Natural Brown) - Best used on light brunettes and can also be mixed with Almond Henna for dark redheads and dark blonde.

- Arabica (Cool Dark Brown) - this will add a cool tone to your tint and can be mixed with any of the colours. Also perfect used standalone for a dark and deep brown.

- Cocoa (Darker Brown) - This is the colour you would use on brunettes wanting a dark brow.

- Black - Not to be used on it's own, Black is mixed with any of the shades to help create a skin stain on stubborn brows and can deepen and darken any of the colours. Clients with very dark brown/black eyebrows would benefit from a mix of dark brown and black.



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