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Brand new in, this cream is applied to the eyelids after cleansing and before application of eyelash extensions.  

The cream is formulated in the USA in a FDA approved lab to help prevent clients from developing an allergic reaction.  

When clients suffer reactions from the adhesive we use, their upper lids get itchy, can swell, and become sensitized.  Typically the skin underneath the eye, unless they have reacted to the gel pad, remains completely fine.  Why is this?  It has been shielded from the fumes in the adhesive by the gel pad. 

Thanks to Lashologist Choice, we now have a barrier cream to protect the upper lids.

This is great for clients with sensitive skin, eczema, and those with normal skin, this cream protects the delicate eye skin from the fumes in the adhesive, preventing the fume molecules from settling on the skin and causing irritation.

    The tube contains 14g of cream which is suffice for 75 applications. 


    More info can be found on including instructional videos. 


    To use, apply a thin film to each eyelid from just above the lash line to the brow.  

    To be applied to cleansed and dried skin before starting the service. With eyes closed, use a lint-free applicator to spread a small bead of Barrier Cream around the appropriate eye area or brow for the corresponding service below. Do not get it in the eye. Using a new lint-free applicator, repeat the process for the other eye area or brow.

    • EYELASH EXTENSIONS. Apply on the eyelid from the base of the lashes (avoiding the lash line) up to the eyebrows, from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eyelid.
    • EYELASH PERMING/LIFTING. Start of service: Apply underneath the eye. End of service: Apply on the eyelid.
    • EYELASH TINTING. Apply underneath the eye and on the eyelid. Prevents staining as well.
    • EYEBROW TINTING. Apply around the eyebrows. Prevents staining as well.
    • EYEBROW HENNA. Apply around the eyebrows. Prevents staining as well.
    • HAIR COLOR. Apply around hair line. Prevents staining as well.


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