Lash Tape

Lash Tape


Inner corners are the absolute death of me.

Unfortunately, they are what defines a set.

Have you ever seen a beautiful set of lashes, gorgeously applied, and your eye is drawn to the inner corner, where a few pesky lashes remain unlashed?

Maybe you've seen it on one of your own photos, of course this occurs once the client has long gone, and we are browsing through our gallery of photos taken over the day, and see that almost perfect photo - that you could have sworn you'd achieved 100% on, so where on earth did those inner lashes come from?!


Paper tape used on the upper eyelids scares me. 

It has a place, but I don't think it's on the eyelids. 

The skin is incredibly delicate, and we don't want to stretch it.  

These purpose woven, lace tapes are ultra strong, but very gentle, so are perfect for stretching out the delicate eyelid skin without discomfort when applying, using, or removing.

This roll comes with 600 individual tapes, so represents tremendous value for money. 


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