Henna Spa

Henna Spa


Henna has recently taken the world by storm. 

By coating the hair henna creates thicker, darker and more dramatic brows. 

Henna application makes it possible to create eyebrows that have more expressive, can camouflage gaps in over plucked or sparse eyebrows, and can stain the skin as well as the hair, providing a tattoo effect without the pain or long term commitment.  

Henna also can help clients regrow their brows, as henna strengthens and nourishes the skin and hair. 



Lawsonia Inermis leaf extract (henna), Azadirachta Indica bark/seed extract, Amla, Eclipta Prostrata Leaf Powder, celulose gum, p-aminophenol, sodium sulfate, citric acid



1) Pour 1 scoop of henna for eyebrows into a mixing container.

2) Dilute henna with Henna Spa aqua in a proportion of 10 drops per 1 scoop of dry matter.

3) Mix for up to 1 minute.

4) Apply to the eyebrows and reapply according to the required color intensity.

5) Remove the henna with a damp cotton pad.


This kit contains:

3g of henna powder 

5ml aqua



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