EYELASH ADDICT Signature Series

EYELASH ADDICT Signature Series


Eyelash addict are convinced, that these are the most amazing lashes you will ever use.

The lashes are so wonderful that they are one of the reasons the Lash Addict company started.

What started as a boutique salon grew into a distribution company as they wanted all lash artists to experience the incredible results they were achieving. 


These Signature Series Lashes lash line was the result of a two year search and the investment of thousands of dollars.

They are black and super soft and seem to suck right to the natural lash.

They hold their curl, color, shine, and they never straighten.

The Signature Series Lashes lash line were so much more expensive than any other lashes in the Eyelash Addict range that clients had to pay an additional surcharge if they wished to have them applied. 

This charge was eventually done away with as the artists refused to work with any other line, resulting in the Signature Series Lashes lash line beign used exclusively within the salon. 


Eyelash Addict claim that this lash series is made from the highest quality raw product available.

Do you want to experience working with the best lashes on the planet?


Each tray contains 16 lines - 

4 lines of each length in 9/10/11/12mm.

4 lines of 6, then 6 lines of each 7 and 8mm.



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