Dumonts - Ruvol Hand Tested


Hand tested to ensure accuracy, these dumonts are beautifully made. 

These are Dumont Dumoxel Tweezers, which are made of patented Dumont steel.

They are resistant to staining, but slightly softer and less magnetic than stainless steel.

Dumoxel has a higher resistance to corrosion due to its high content of molybdenum and chromium, which make them ideal for use in our industry as you will get a longer lifespan from them compared to other tweezers.

They are very resistant to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other mineral and organic acids.

You can pop them in an autoclavable without fear.  


Pair A require slightly more pressure when creating fans than pair B, so it is down to personal preferance as to which you would most like to work with. 


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