Designer Lashes Flat Fat

Designer Lashes Flat Fat

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These won't be restocked - once they are gone, they are gone!


Dark and Dramatic, imagine a classic lash that has been squashed from the top.

These flat lashes are have a thicker look front on, and side on are thinner, allowing for a larger bonding area and more dramatic overall look. 

If you want a natural, high impact finish, without a reflective plastic look you simply must try these.  

These lashes create the darkest, most natural set of classics possible, whilist still maintaining a high drama effect.

True black, these lashes have no hint of blue, green, purple, or any other shade associated with other brands of extensions.  

These trays are upgraded - with all suggestions being incorporated into the new design, and additional ones added which I am convinced will make everyones lives easier.  Check out the upgrades below!

1. To make for easy application, these lashes are on ultra thin tape, measuring only 2mm wide.  This means super easy pick up.  Pull the lash off the strip whichever way you choose, the thin tape means it will release with ease.  

2. The strip itself has both the curl and length written multiple times across the bottom of the strip, allowing you to cut what you need, place it on your tile, and not forget what strip is what. This results in less wastage and easier sanitiation. 

3.  The trays are now colour coded, with each curl and thickness being housed in a different coloured tray.  No more shuffling through your lashes trying to hunt out what one you are after, the colour coding will allow you to find the correct tray with ease. 

If you're super organised, enjoy the pretty colours! 

4.  Semi matte - not super glossy but not flat matte either, so more natural whilist stil being ultra black. 



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