Designer Lashes 0.03 1st Gen

Designer Lashes 0.03 1st Gen

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FIRST GEN 0.03'S - My new love are the MEGAS. :)


Beautiful rich black, these lashes are my pride and joy.  

Even though they are the thinnest lashes available on the market these beauties don't reflect back any blue, purple, or green.  They are a genuine black lash. 

Super easy to remove off the strip, the tape is every so slightly tacky so it holds the lashes on securely but won't resist at all when you remove them, making them absolutely ideal for making fans on the tape.  

Lightly coloured, the tape easily shows you what the base of the fan is looking like, helping to ensure you don't make any T-Bars.  

The tape is adhered to the strip with minimal adhesive - no more sticky lashes caused by adhesive transfer! This is a major pet peeve of mine, and I've lost many beautiful fans to adhesive transfer from under the tape strip. 

These lashes all come in white cases with rounded off edges (photo to be updated) for easy storage and identification.  

Mixed trays come with lengths from 8 - 14mm, and are labelled both sides of the tray, so if you cut them in half to use only what you need per client, you won't forget which length is which!

Lengths from 9 - 13mm, mixed

Also - short lengths!  7, 8 and 9mm trays and 8, 9 and 10mm trays 





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