Advanced Maxlash


Packed full with natural ingredients, this serum is powerful and has been the chosen formula for many large serum brands.  

Massively popular in China, I have imported it as a result for demand for an all natural lash serum. 


The main ingredient in this serum is Folium Isatidis extract, which is derived from a plant in China which grows small yellow flowers.  

It coniditions the skin and hair, and improves the overall condition.

Following this ingredient is Cacumen Platycladi, which is from an evergreen tree.

This ingredient is used to promote hair growth, and darken the colour of the hair. 

Nigella Sativa is from the fennel flower, and this product has been used for centuries. 

This ingredient was found in King Tuts' tomb, and was used by Cleopatra as a skin moisturiser, anti fungal properties, and promotes renewal on a cellular level.

Fructus Chebulae is fruit, which has antibacterial properties. 

Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata is used to promote healthy hair growth and nourish the follicle. 

Coral Extract is another nourishing ingredient that promotes skin elasticity. 


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